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Out Of The Cage Pet Mobile

Fun, educational hands on experience for all ages!

the circle of life

I believe by teaching kids to have knowledge and respect for animals and nature a like we can help create a better future for our earth. We are devoted to extending our love of animals to people of all ages, through educational AND entertaining programs. In short we bring the ZOO TO YOU at an affordable price!

About Us

Out Of The Cage Pet Mobile is a traveling exotic petting zoo. Our goal is to fascinate our audiences with the wonders and diversity of the animals that share our planet. Whether it is a party, scout troop, school, nursing home or other various event our approach is fun and casual making every Out Of The Cage visit memorable.

During nice weather you can plan a back yard party or you can have us inside your home. Also keep in mind that your local parks, fire halls, legions, community centers and even churches make a great place for our parties! 

We also offer Bounce Houses and games to add to the excitement of your party!  

Important Information

1. The time stated to start the program is important. Our animal exhibitors sometimes perform several parties a day and must stay on time. We recommend that you have your guests arrive at least 30 minutes prior to when the animal show is scheduled to begin.

2. Please provide a close parking or unloading space (some of the animals are heavy).

3. If outside (it must be at least 70° & no more than 90°), please provide shade for the children and the animals.

4. Help keep the animals a surprise while we are setting up.

5. Please withhold ALL SNACKS and FOOD during the presentation.

6. For the safety of the children and the animals, please help supervise the children, so they animal exhibitor can focus on the animals.

7. For the parents who attend and wish not to participate in the animal show, please have an area away from the program for the adults to socialize, so the children will not have to strain to hear the animal exhibitor.

8. Please have payment ready when the program is over. Gratuity or donations are at your discretion but are much appreciated and is not included in the price.

  • Please be sure to keep all household pets AWAY from program area at all times. This will help reduce the amount of stress for our animals.
  • There must be hand washing facilities available
  • ALL CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED at all times. There is NO wrestling or rough housing allowed near the animals. PLEASE!