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Out Of The Cage Pet Mobile

Fun, educational hands on experience for all ages!

Hakuna Matada

You may choose from a variety of animals for you event. The cost is $125.00 for 6 animals plus what your mileage fee comes to. The presentation typically lasts 45-60 minutes. You also have the option to add on additional animals for $10.00 per extra animal if you would like more then six.

Please understand that I try to keep the price affordable. However, the costs of insurance, licensing, vet bills and routine maintenance for each animal is quite high. Other programs like us charge HUNDREDS of dollars therefore any gratuities are greatly appreciated! Our main goal is to educate and enrich while taking good care of animals in need. 

We charge the standard NYS mileage fee of .57 cents per mile. We are located in Central NY in Oneida County and typically do not travel more than 60 miles away. We mostly travel to Oneida, Madison, and Onondaga County. Please contact us with your address if you border these counties to see if we travel to your location and to get a price quote for mileage.

An average estimate would consist of a 45-60 minute presentation. Anything over one hour will entail additional fees. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding length of presentations.

*We also have custom made birthday party invitations that you may purchase to mail out to all of your guests! The price is $6.99/10