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Out Of The Cage Pet Mobile

Fun, educational hands on experience for all ages!

Disney Land Jungle Cruise

We have an awesome 3D inflatable Pin The Tail On The Donkey Game. Kids have a blast playing it. A prize will be awarded to the winner! We will bring everything needed and host this game for up to 16 players for $25.00.

Shark Park Water Slide/ Bounce House. The cost is $90.00 for an hour of play. It can be used wet or dry with balls to create an exciting ball pit for kids to slide into.

Shark Park Ultra Play Park by Blast Zone

The Shark Park Ultra Play Park Inflatable is the next Great White-Wild-Wet Wonder. This Back yard adventure is a 10-in-1 combo, with everything you need to keep little mariners entertained for hours upon hours. The big 19' x 11' x 8.25' adventure land comes with fantastic features: An 8' long Commercial Vinyl Slide, a 5' long climbing wall, a 3-person shark-tank bouncer that doubles as a ball pit, an 80 square-foot splash pool, 3 shark-fin sprayers, 1 overhead sprayer, and a fun crawl tunnel.

Adventurers mount the inflatable beast by climbing the back ramp, complete with safety handles, foot holes and a safety platform. The bouncer (with commercial vinyl surface) is fully-enclosed by safety netting, and entering is simple; crawl in through the tunnel, or enter the Shark Tank through the front to bounce around with the other little live creatures.

The Shark Park gives little ones quite a workout. When it's time to chill out, the splash lagoon provides a safe, relaxing place to cool off! Optional Play Balls offered separately.

  1. Recommended for ages 3-10.
  2. Maximum weight 800 lbs.
  3. Maximum kids inside at the same time: 8
  4. Maximum individual weight 100 lbs.
  5. I will have a waiver that the host of the party must sign stating I will not be held liable should any injuries occur while using this bounce house.
  6. There must be a power source available in order to inflate and keep the bounce house inflated. There must be a water hose and hose hook up in order to use this as water slide click this link to view video of water slide